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General Terms of Sale

  1. Unless otherwise specified on the front of this invoice, the term of the warranty is 90 days.
  2.   DEPOSITS may be required to place orders on parts acquired from other vendors or to begin work on in-stock items.  Monies paid as a deposit are non-refundable.
  3.   Parts are sold for NORMAL ON-ROAD USE only.  Extreme applications such as any form of racing and off-road use are not covered by any warranty and are sold “As Is” are therefore not eligible for refund.
  4.   Denton Truck & Auto Parts (DTAP) warranties all parts and assemblies to be free of defects (less normal wear & tear incurred prior to and after the sale) for the period stated on the front of this invoice. During the warranty period, DTAP is obligated to only honor their warranty a single time, unless an additional warranty is purchased on the replacement item(s). Once the defective part has been replaced to the customer’s an DTAP's satisfaction, then the warranty period is considered over.
  5.   IMPROPER INSTALLATION WILL VOID ALL WARRANTIES and will release DTAP from any refund obligations.
  6.   REPLACEMENT BEFORE REFUND:  If DTAP can obtain a like replacement part within 15 business days of the presentation of the claim, the customer will receive a replacement part in lieu of a refund.  Under no circumstances will a refund be given if we can get a replacement part.
  7.   IF THE CUSTOMER ALTERS OR DISASSEMBLES THE PART IN ANY FORM OR FASHION, he or she voids any and all warranties and surrenders any/all refund/return rights.
  8.   Customers who purchase a replacement part from another supplier before Denton Truck & Auto Parts has the opportunity to fulfill the obligations stated here will forfeit their rights to make a claim against DTAP’s warranty and replacement/refund policy. At their sole discretion, Denton Truck & Auto Parts may issue a refund at 50% of the parts value. This applies to all customers, including retail, collision repair shops, mechanical repair shops and other auto recyclers.
  9.   RETURNS & REFUNDS are governed by the Returns & Refunds Policy.
  10. RESELLERS, INCLUDING OTHER AUTO RECYCLERS, PARTS BROKERS, AND PROFESSIONAL INSTALLERS, are required to enforce these terms.  These terms must be followed and exhausted before any return or refund will be authorized.

Coverage & Limitations

Subject to the limitations stated in the agreement, Denton Truck & Auto Parts (hereafter DTAP) agrees (at its discretion) to repair or replace the purchased assembly or part if the covered assembly or part fails for a reason stated in this warranty during the stated warranty period from the date of purchase indicated on the original invoice, provided that the assembly or part purchased is being used under the conditions and manner specified by its original manufacturer. If after the sale, the assembly or part is discovered to be in a racing or off road application, DTAP reserves the right to void any warranty obligations and claims immediately.

USED COMPONENTS: The customer acknowledges that the part(s) or assembly(ies) purchased by the customer and covered by this agreement are used components when purchased, unless otherwise stated.

REPLACED COMPONENTS:  In the event that DTAP provides replacement components to satisfy our obligation under this warranty, all parties agree that the replacement components will be of like kind and quality to the originally purchased parts and not to exceed the original purchase price. The replacement part will not be a new part unless agreed to by DTAP in writing and only when the customer pays the difference between the price of a new and used component.

NUMBER OF CLAIMS:  During the stated warranty period, only one warranty claim may be submitted. Once the claim obligation has been satisfactorily completed, the warranty is considered satisfied.

WARRANTY ON REPLACEMENT COMPONENTS:  The warranty on any replacement components used to satisfy the warranty claim is 30 days with no labor coverage. However, the customer has the option of purchasing an extended warranty, including labor coverage, for the replacement components.

LABOR TO REPAIR:  DTAP will only pay for the labor to repair or replace the affected components if a labor warranty is purchased at the time of original sale. This is indicated on the original invoice as “+ Labor.” If this does not appear on the original invoice, then any installation costs are the responsibility of the customer.

If “+ Labor” is indicated and a Labor Warranty is in play, then DTAP will contract with a local installer to install the replacement part or assemblies once all other requirements of the warranty have been met and satisfied. This installer will be a certified repair facility of our choosing.  Only DTAP is authorized to contract with this installer.

The Labor cost will be negotiated with the repair facility and only covers the facilities time to remove and replace the affected part. Replacement supplies consumed during the repair are not covered by this warranty and their cost is the responsibility of the customer. If DTAP elects to use a repair facility that differs from the customer’s, the customer is responsible for any towing or transportation of the affected vehicle to the chosen repair facility

REIMBURSEMENT FOR PARTS: If DTAP is unable to satisfy its part replacement warranty obligations stated herein within 15 business days of validating the warranty claim, DTAP may, at its sole discretion, elect to reimburse the customer for the purchased part or assembly purchased from DTAP for the original purchase price for the part or assembly covered under this agreement. However, the original part or assembly must be returned to DTAP for the customer to receive this reimbursement. When and only if a labor warranty is in effect will DTAP pay a reasonable allowance for the labor to remove the damaged part or assembly. Please note: parts and supplies used in the removal of the part are not included in this reimbursement.

Additionally, at any time and at its sole discretion, DTAP has the right to nullify this transaction and its obligations under this limited warranty by offering a reimbursement. Such a refund/reimbursement will be given to the customer once the original part has been returned.

Claim Procedures

In the unlikely event of failure of the part you purchased, simply contact us at 940-387-5202 and speak with your salesperson to discuss what happened and begin a warranty claim. We strive to keep the process as simple and fair as possible.

  •  Provide DTAP with information regarding what the part is and what problem has occurred. Your original invoice plus documentation regarding installation and post installation maintenance is required at this point. Fax these to 940‑387‑6715.
  •  Provide DTAP with the opportunity to inspect the part. This may occur at the vehicle’s existing location or at another facility that DTAP will designate.  If the vehicle is to be moved, the cost of towing and transportation is the customer’s responsibility.
  •  If CarInspector.US is hired to manage the warranty claim, provide them with the opportunity to gather information and documentation, plus inspect the part and vehicle.
  •  After inspecting the vehicle, the results of the inspection will be documented and show acceptance or denial of the warranty claim. Upon acceptance of the claim a solution will be discussed with the customer. Upon agreement of the solution, the solution will be acted upon. If the claim is denied, the reason will be documented and explained.
  •  Labor payments will only be paid to a professional repair facility doing the work and as outlined above. All labor claims require the following: completed warranty claim form, a copy of the original installation bill, and work order to repair the vehicle the second time. If additional parts are required to complete the repair, these will be discussed with DTAP before their purchase and will be provided at dealer’s wholesale price.
  • The following cannot be claimed under this agreement and are the responsibility of the vehicle owner: all towing, downtime, rental cars, hotel expenses, property damages, bodily harm, and any other losses or damages are the responsibility of the customer or vehicle owner.

PLEASE NOTE that if all required documentation is not supplied at the time of the claim, DTAP reserves the right to deny the claim and end its warranty obligations.

This program is designed to help repair facilities recover costs or “break even,” not to make full profit on the second repair.  Keep all parts at your facility until all work and documentation has been completed, then arrange for return of the defective parts.

Cores & Core Deposits

As part of the terms of sale for this invoice, we may require that your “dead” engine/transmission/part be returned to us as a core.  When a core is required, the following additional sales terms apply to this sale:

  •  A reasonable monetary deposit is required to ensure the return of the core
  •  To receive a full refund of your deposit, the engine or transmission must be as complete as the one we provided and not disassembled.  Disassembled cores or cores with missing parts will result in forfeiture of your deposit.
  •  The core is due back to us within 30 days from the invoice date or the deposit will be forfeited.
  •  Cores must be completely drained of all fluids or a $35.00 environmental fee will be charged.
  •  The customer is responsible for all shipping or delivery charges associated with the return of the core. 
  • Core refunds are handled in accordance to our refund policy stated on this page.


Refunds are provided in the same form of payment tendered by the customer when they made their purchase. However, the following exceptions do apply:

CHECKS – Customers who paid for their purchase with a personal check must wait 10 days after the date of the original invoice for the check to clear the banking system. On the 11th day after your purchase, we will refund the agreed upon amount with one of our company checks.

DEBIT CARDS – Customers who paid for their purchase with a debit card must wait 4 days for their transaction to clear the electronic payment processor. On the 5th day after your purchase, we will refund the agreed upon amount with one of our company checks.


All requests for part return must be accompanied by a photocopy of this invoice.  If there is no invoice, we reserve the right to refuse the return and refund.

Customers who had the part shipped to them, including other auto recyclers, must follow the following instructions:

  1. Call in advance to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.
  2. This number must be prominently displayed on the outside of the box or crate when you ship the part back to us.
  3. Parts must be returned at the customer’s own expense. DTAP is only responsible for the outbound shipping cost,s and these costs may or may not be refunded depending on the situation.
  4. Customers who do not follow these instructions may have their return and refund refused.

Non-defective parts returned to DTAP will be refunded based on the following schedule.  Defective parts must be claimed under the warranty terms.

In-stock items:

0 to 14 days              100% Refund less outbound ship costs (if any)

14 to 21 days                70% Refund less outbound ship costs (if any)

21 to 30 days                50% Refund less outbound ship costs (if any)

30+ days                       25% Refund less outbound ship costs (if any)

Exception:                    Electronic Brain Boxes

Items that were “special ordered” or brokered from other vendors:

0 to 14 days                          70% Refund less round trip shipping costs

14 to 21 days                        50% Refund less round trip shipping costs

21+ days                              No Refund

Quarter panels, bed sides, uni-sides, and other “custom cut” parts that required being sawn off of the vehicle:

In Stock:        50%

Brokered:      50% less round trip shipping costs

Important Notes

RIGHT TO INSPECTION: Prior to fulfilling its obligation under this limited warranty, DTAP reserves the right to inspect the part or assembly covered by this agreement prior to any repair, replacement, or reimbursement is authorized. If this is the case, the customer must make the vehicle available for inspection to a DTAP employee or its authorized agent. If the customer refuses to make the vehicle and part available for inspection, he or she risks forfeiture of their rights to make a claim under this warranty.

CARINSPECTOR.US: As the case warrants, DTAP will hire CarInspector.us to act as its agent under this warranty. When this is the case, the customer agrees to work with CarInspector.us by making themselves and the vehicle available to CarInspector.us for the purposes of discussing the warranty claim, answering questions, providing documentation as required in these warranty terms, and physically inspecting the vehicle and the installation. CarInspector.us will provide DTAP with the information they collect and their expert opinion on the situation. DTAP will make a decision on the validity of the claim and act accordingly.

If the customer does not make themselves available to CarInspector.us as required above, he or she risks forfeiting their rights to a claim under this limited warranty.

Voided Warranty

The agreement and warranty is void if:

  • Not obtaining and presenting all required documentation including original invoice and proper installation documents.
  • DTAP is not provided a reasonable opportunity for inspection of a covered part or assembly prior to removal, repair, or replacement of any covered part. This includes removing the part or assembly from the vehicle before DTAP is notified of a problem and is able to inspect the vehicle or installation
  • Not providing CarInspector.US reasonable opportunity for inspection of a covered part or assembly if they are hired to manage the claim.
  • The customer disassembles or alters the part or assembly in any way, form, or fashion. This includes installing additional parts not included in the original equipment manufacturers design, such as “speed shop” parts.
  • The customer purchases a replacement part from any other supplier before notifying DTAP or before DTAP can act upon its warranty obligations.
  • Improper installation where the customer does not follow the manufacturers guidelines or have the installation done by a certified installation shop as required.
  • The customer does not use correct tune up equipment, oil, fluids, seals, filters, etc., prior to the operation of the purchased part or assembly.
  • The customer does not follow the installation requirements as set forth in this warranty document.
  • The damage to the part or assembly is caused by a non-covered part or any other part or assembly not purchased from DTAP.
  • The customer fails to follow the minimum maintenance requirements suggested by the manufacturer and fails to provide the proper service documentation.
  • The appropriate Technical Service Bulletins are not researched and followed.