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Looking to sell your car? Fill out this simple form with your vehicle’s information and get a bid from Denton Truck & Auto Parts! If you have questions, you can call our buyer, Mike Farlow, at 940-387-5980. (Select Option 4 from the automated menu.)

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  • Please fill out as much information as possible to ensure a speedier and more accurate bid! The more photos you can provide us with, the better. (Note: The bid offered does not cover cost of transport.)
  • Photo Uploads

  • Please upload photos of your car or truck. If possible, we'd like to see right and left front panels, right and left rear panels, interior front, the odometer, the VIN (on plate or door), and front and back of your title.


Why Sell to Denton Truck & Auto Parts?

Quality Bids

We've been doing this since the Eighties! Our expertise for all things automotive means you better believe you're getting a fair bid for your car or truck.

Customer Service

Whether you're buying recycled parts from us, or getting ride of your ride, we're want lifetime relationships with everyone we do business with. That means we're going to treat you right.

Local, Small Business

We're a local, family-owned business. Working with us to solve your auto problems is a way of showing your community is important to you.